Hackathon Guideline

1. PC and Software environment

Any PC or software you can use (We will update the information, if new information comes). We strongly recommend bringing your laptop with your preferred software or tools. We also provide desktop pc at university lab, but you need to prepare your suitable environment to adjust your approach or skill. It may suppress your working time.

2. WiFi

WiFi and internet connection will be provided by the authority.

3. Team building

A team must be constructed with 3 members from same University or different Universities. Each member may have different responsibilities to analyze data, build algorithm, and implement it. Team building and cooperation must be key to success in this hackathon.

4. Problem overview

We will provide the problem (task), which all teams need to find the solution; such as the shortest distance route or the minimum time route from the map data. The map data is provided by the shapefile format and it is a geospatial vector data format for the GIS.
Your task will be analyzing shapefile, extracting network data(location, cost, etc.) and making code to solve your task from extracted network data then display onto the "Open Street Map". Key skills will be analyzing shapefile, design the data structure from network data, design the algorithm to solve your task such as finding the shortest distance route. More details about the problem will be published on 10th October 2019.

5. Schedule

We'll close registration on 15th October, announce participants on 22nd October. And we'll provide small sample data and example on 24th October.We'll extend this small data to the Dhaka city map data on 1st November, the Hackathon day and provide your task which all team will solve.

6. Associated technology

Provided data will be provided by the "Shapefile" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile). And your result has to display on the "Open Street Map". (https://www.openstreetmap.org/) You must familiar with both the "Shapefile" and the "Open Street Map".

7. Accommodation and Security!

Participating Code Samurai 2019 is completely free, and no fee will be collected during this hackathon. Accommodation and other facilities will be provided by the University of Dhaka. We are trying our best to make the venue more secure. So, there will be no security issues and students can stay safely there.